Acknowledgments and Bibliographies

The author wishes to thank to the many people in local organisations who have provided some of the information contained in these pages.

The RSPB who allowed me to use their Logo at appropriate locations in the text.

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The author also made use of many texts in the production of this page and the linked pages and would recommend for further reading:

			Hilbre Island Observatory Report
			Obtainable from Deeside Naturalists Society

			Clwyd Bird Report
			See Local Organisations.

			The RSPB Guide to Birdwatching in Clwyd
			Published by the RSPB in association with 
			Clwyd County Council. A modestly priced
			but indispensible guide. ISBN 0 903138 32 8
			The Atlas of British Birdlife 
			By Bob Scott ISBN 0 86363 030 8

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